PR case study – Spectral Edge

Client: Spectral Edge

Sector: Technology PR, Security PR

The challenge: To launch Spectral Edge-patented RGB + NIR fusion software Fusion Core into the professional security market in the UK and USA.

What we did: Took an in-depth technical brief from the CTO and COO of Spectral Edge, used this and further research to develop a 2,500 word Technical White Paper which was then designed up to create a piece of premium content for gated download on Spectral Edge’s website as a potential sales lead generator and technical differentiation tool.

The White Paper was then used to brief key industry analysts and served as the destination for click throughs from banner ads which were purchased in key security trade publications.

Agility PR also drafted a one-page Product Focus article and double page Q&A style corporate profile piece which were again placed in security trade titles.

Agility PR then secured 5 key briefings with key US trade titles and analysts as part of the official launch of Fusion Core to the surveillance market at ISC West 2019. Agility PR wrote and distributed preview and event Press Releases both of which gained strong trade coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.

The result: Successful market penetration enabling senior technical audiences to quickly grasp the differentiators of this offering and provide a springboard for successful business development meetings with camera vendors and chip manufacturers alike.


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Spectral Edge technology enables the dynamic fusion of RGB and NIR light in real-time, operating at pixel-level without introducing artefacts even at the lowest lux levels. The technology is embeddable within existing software or silicon. The advantages of this technology include providing heightened image detail in very low light and mixed lighting conditions.

Essentially, in low light conditions it is the unique and intelligent fusing of NIR with RGB lighting that enhances surveillance images very significantly – making more accurate facial recognition possible even in the most challenging of lighting conditions.

Spectral Edge’s Fusion technology had already found applications in sensors within cars, smartphone cameras and video conferencing systems and was proactively looking to break into the professional security market through a combination of partnerships with chip manufactures serving major camera manufacturers and via direct approaches to high-end camera manufacturers.

Formulating a successful product launch & content-based strategy

Following an initial consultation, Agility PR identified the key opportunity for Spectral Edge in the professional security market was to focus on partnering with leading camera vendors as well as chip manufacturers.

The PR campaign was geared around Spectral Edge’s commitment to exhibit at ISC West in Las Vegas in April 2019. Agility PR promoted an official product launch to US trade media and key industry analysts at the event with the aim of securing meetings with relevant US-based vendors, OEMs and silicon manufacturers.

Agility PR developed an integrated campaign designed to build presence ahead of launch at ISC West 2019. Content included writing a technical white paper designed to differentiate Fusion Core from Axis Lightfinder and Hikvision Darkfighter software offerings.

Media and analyst outreach pre-event led to arranging a full briefing with Jon Honovich at IPVM who favourably reviewed the technology just before ISC West. In addition, this work was overlaid with an ISC West Preview Press Release for both UK and US media distribution.

Agility PR secured five key briefings on stand at ISC West with Brilliance Security Magazine, IHS Markit, SecurityInfoWatch, Source Security and others. Agility PR also arranged banner advertising and advertorial placements in Security Buyer and editorial article placements in Risk UK and International Security Journal.


Spectral Edge received widespread interest at ISC West both from potential partners and technical trade press, with editorial coverage obtained in both UK and US trade media. Spectral Edge was bought by Apple in November.

Quote from Christopher Cytera, COO at Spectral Edge:

“Agility PR’s expertise and contact-base inside the surveillance market is second to none.  Miles was able to help us articulate our technical differentiation for the professional security market through a strong Technical White Paper.

“The agency’s outreach work on both sides of the Atlantic opened up meetings with some very influential analysts including John Honovich at IPVM and Josh Woodhouse at IHS Markit as well as key UK and US trade journalists. I would have no hesitation in recommending Agility PR to any organization looking to build their presence rapidly in the professional security market.”