IT services company and OneDeploy’s parent organisation Centrality was founded more than 20 years ago, to provide highly reliable technology solutions to medium and large businesses.

Founder Mike Davies saw a need for a better way of upgrading numerous legacy servers, desktop PCs and mobile devices to new Windows Operating Systems or deploying selected operating systems across new hardware.

Mike explains…

“We wanted to develop a Windows deployment offering which was capable of simplifying and automating the OS deployment process. The aim was to create a zero-touch, zero imaging and zero server infrastructure Windows deployment solution. That is the vision behind OSInstaller which was put to work for the first time more than 15 years ago. Such has been the success of our Definitive Windows Deployment Solution that in 2013 we decided to create a new company – OneDeploy Limited – renaming the product OneDeploy so that we could dedicate increasing sales, as well as research and development effort to become a leader in Windows Deployment, fully differentiated from Microsoft OS deployment toolsets and an array of ‘ghost’ imaging solutions, with their inherent problems.”

Building a content-led website

During the first half of 2017, Agility PR was commissioned to lead a complete refresh of the external communications and website content for OneDeploy.

The project was designed to ensure that the technical audience likely to be interested in their windows deployment solution could quickly understand the key elements of the offering and differentiators from the competition.

Work began with a full technical and content audit of the existing site in collaboration with website design partner CorSolv, who also assisted with SEO for the new site.

Agility PR rewrote the entire site, centring content origination on describing key features of the offering in a single section called Our Solution, while IT management and business benefits were detailed in a Why OneDeploy? section. These sections formed the bedrock of the refreshed website.

We overlaid this core written content with the use of two videos which we directed. Raw footage, shot in a single day, enabled creation of two key videos: a high-level overview of the company led by Mike Davies, and a more detailed ‘delve under the bonnet’, designed for more technical decision-makers.

Developing substantial thought leadership content

With this content completed, Agility PR built OneDeploy’s thought leadership, news and social content.

We created a dedicated Insights section of the site to showcase brochures, white papers, news releases and social mentions, writing a new white paper and managing its design to differentiate OneDeploy from key competitors.

Agility PR also set up a managed Twitter service with a view to getting two tweets per day out to promote different pieces of the new content.

We then worked up news stories. Topical ‘news jacking’ style press releases were written for the website’s Insights page and offered to the IT trade media. Customer win releases were created and promoted via social channels and direct to the relevant trade media. A deeper, research-led campaign was also added to the plan.

The results

In under six months, Agility PR totally transformed OneDeploy’s website from a place where it had few visitors and failed to engage any prospects, to one where OneDeploy could be assured that their website was conveying the right messaging, in a very clear concise manner, using video as well as technical and business benefit-led written content.

The Insights section took the site to a new level again, putting it in a position where, with continued investment, it could expect to easily add a mix of different types of dynamic content from news stories to white papers and social mentions.